Flint and other big-name investors including Tom Ferry collectively dropped $1.5M on the showing management startup

A group of high-profile real estate leaders that includes former Trulia CEO Pete Flint and coaching guru Tom Ferry have invested in Instashowing, a showing management startup that is among a handful of companies seeing surging interest from customers.

Flint, who today is a general partner at venture capital firm NFX, led the funding round, which poured $1.5 million into Instashowing. Other participants included Ferry, along with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services President Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna, IV, former Contractually CEO Zvi Band, former dotloop CEO Austin Allison, and Greg Schwartz, founder and CEO of real estate technology startup Tomo.

Additional investors included Carey Armstrong, a Tomo co-founder and former Zillow vice president, and Justin LaJoie, also a former vice president at Zillow.

While $1.5 million is not a huge sum by current venture capital standards, the investment is significant for the many famous names that participated in the

fundraising round. In a statement, Flint praised Instashowing, saying the company’s “business model is deeply aligned with the core values of the real estate industry.”

This Article was orignal published at Inman by JIM DALRYMPLE II