2021’s legacy to proptech will be a major jump in the number of technology products developed to help agents show homes

By Craig C. Rowe for Inman

At the start of 2021, did anyone have an any idea just how critical ShowingTime was to the industry?

The home showing scheduler was the most common in the category before becoming a $500 million acquisition of Zillow. Everyone just used it and never thought much about what would happen if they had a reason not to.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Long considered an icon of upheaval in real estate, Zillow, it seemed, finally crossed a line when it bought the 22-year-old proptech company.

Agents didn’t like the idea of Zillow profiting (yet again) on showing data, client names and all other iterations of information that stem from knowing what homes are being shown when and to who. Continue Reading…